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About Us

We love Minnesota and feel incredibly fortunate to run a business that supports our family, employs our neighbors, and provides a beautiful product to our community. It is gratifying to offer products that simplify our customers’ lives, bring smiles to their faces, and enhance the beauty of this vibrant area of the country we are proud to call home.

Through the years, we have learned a great deal about designing for the seasons. With experience owning and operating a Christmas tree farm established in 1971, Hinkemeyer Tree Farm, we understand what it takes to produce award-winning seasonal products. By working closely with the head growers at a retail/wholesale greenhouse operation and employing experienced, professional designers and installers, we have accumulated decades of valuable knowledge and insight that allow us to put our best into designing and delivering products that are both beautiful and of the highest quality for all four seasons of the year.

We invite you to sign up for our fresh decor subscriptions and see how our service can help to simplify your life while adding a touch of grand to your home or business. 

– Simple and Grand Team

Design and Service

Simple and Grand is all about design and service. We:

  • choose containers with deeper soil volume so your plants are easier to water.
  • send a care instruction email each season so you can be successful.
  • include slow release fertilizer in all of our summer containers to keep your plants fresher longer in the heat of summer.
  • let Mother Nature tell us the correct time to deliver.
  • stay in contact with you via email so you know when we plan on delivering after we analyze the weather.
  • are always thinking about how we can provide a better experience for you. We welcome your opinion and feedback on what we can do better.

Thank you for supporting a local family-owned business. Your support allows us to give back to our community while living and working in the beautiful weather and seasons that Minnesota has to offer!