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How It Works

We keep your front entrance looking vibrant and fresh. Here’s how!

Life is busy and it's challenging to keep up. Besides the time it takes to maintain a beautiful front entry to your home or business, it also takes expertise on what plants will grow well together, proper tools necessary to successfully create a quality planter, and physical ability to wrestle the dirt, plants and containers. Not to mention the mess. We're so happy that you found us and we know you'll be thrilled with what we have to offer!

Simple and Grand delivers fresh, seasonal planters at the beginning of each of the four Minnesota seasons. At time of delivery, we even remove the old planter. Once you sign up for a Simple and Grand planter delivery subscription, all you have to do it water!


Sun Exposure Simple & Grand

Step 1: Select your sun exposure

Plan where you will place your planters, then observe how much sun that location gets throughout the day. Indicate the correct sun exposure so your arrangement will flourish. With this parameter, we select the highest quality products to build your arrangement. The final result is a beautiful planter that will last the whole season.

Not sure about what your sun exposure is? No problem! We'll call you after you place your order to help identify your needs.


Step 2: Choose your size 

Based on the amount of space you are working with, choose the container size that best works in your space. Your container will be the same size each season unless you request a change. Changes can be made up to 2 weeks before each season delivery. Access your account online or call us directly to make any changes.



Step 3: Shop with exclusive subscription-member discounts on our Seasonal Decor

Once you place a subscription order with us, you will have access to an exclusive 25% discount on our Seasonal Decor items. Some items work well grouped together with your planter. Others are available to help brighten your living space at the turn of each season.


Step 4: Relax & Enjoy!

We will email you regarding delivery times, tips and care instructions for keeping your planters looking their best, and will alert you to any potential harmful weather on the horizon. There’s nothing more for you to do! Enjoy your fresh seasonal planters showcasing some of the best of what Minnesota has to offer!


BONUS: Decorate!

As the new season approaches, you can always login to your Simple and Grand account to purchase additional products at a great price to complete your seasonal decorations – all delivered to your door!